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Due to increasing prices of pure sterling silver, MDC has reduced the price of these beautiful spurs at savings of 50% or more!
Volume discounts available. These spurs make great horse show prizes!

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Full Wrap Spurs with Inlaid Swarowski Crystals

The Full Wrap with Swarovski Crystals features a nine crystal pattern set in sterling silver and is our top of the line design expression. The thick layer of sterling silver extends completely around the entire outside of the spur including the spur eyelets. You truly make a strong fashion statement in the Full Wrap with Swarovski Crystal MDC Designer Spur. For the very confident.

MSRP Retail $190.00
Full Wrap Spurs with Inlaid Swarowski Crystals

The Full Wrap is a pure, flowing expanse of sterling silver covering the entire side and eyelets of the spur. The deeply etched pattern shows the fine hand workmanship in an exquisite classic pattern. Goes with everything.

MSRP Retail $170.00
Floral Pattern Sterling Silver

The Floral Pattern holds four crystals luxuriously together with a unique design of sterling silver floral leaves. The Floral design is probably our most popular style. For the height of equine fashion, our Floral Pattern spurs match our Floral Pattern Sterling Silver MDC Ultimate and Comfort Stirrups to create a very special matching pair of Stirrups and Spurs. The versatile design is plain on the opposite side, allowing the rider to display either the sterling design or a more conservative look by simply rotating the stirrup.

MSRP Retail $150.00
Horseshoe Pattern with Inlaid with a single Swarowski  Crystal

The MDC Horse Shoe Spur features a completely different hand crafted sterling design than the Full Wrap. Elegant in design, the sterling pattern includes one Swarovski Crystal inside a delicate, upturned horse shoe. To further individualize your riding expression, coordinate your Horse Shoe Spur with our matching Horse Shoe Sterling Silver MDC Stirrups. The upturned horse shoe is for Luck.

MSRP Retail $150.00
Segmented Pattern Sterling Silver

The Segmented Spur presents an angled series of deep sterling silver segments on either a stainless silver spur or on a black anodized spur. The stainless segmented spur design offers an elegant way to express your style while still enjoying the beauty of a hand crafted sterling silver spur at an affordable price. Some prefer this design at any price.

MSRP Retail $130.00
Segmented Pattern Sterling Silver Rowel

Our one inch roweled spurs are soft, but effective on the horse and strong on design. We offer a stainless spur in each of our designer patterns with a traditional gold accented rowel. In keeping with our black designer theme of stirrups and spurs, our black spurs come with a matching black rowel. Prices are consistent with the design of your choice.

MSRP Retail $130.00

MDC Shank Sizes

All spurs are ladies sizes and come in ¼", ½", ¾", 1" and 1 ¼" Prince of Wales shanks. Most of our designs are also available in 1" dull rowel.